Can you think of a company right off the top of your head that doesn’t have a website? Maybe you can think of a couple. If you can, can you also imagine the money they lose after they lock the door to go home at night. Or, maybe you can’t even begin to think of a company not having a website, knowing the benefits that come with having one. Whether you can or not, I am here to tell you that you absolutely need a website to see your business thrive. There are measurable benefits of having a website and you shouldn’t wait a second longer in creating one of your own.  

This being the 21st century, there seems to be more people and more businesses that have websites than don’t.

  1. Having a website gives you a place for people to come see you and what you are about.

  2. Having a website is your store-front. It is what will bring you your business.

Think of your website as a 21st century business card (online business card). Do you really need a website to succeed as a mompreneur? Here are 7 reasons the answer is YES!


Unlike a store-front business, your website never locks its doors, which brings about a huge advantage to you.

That’s right, while you are sleeping at night, people from all over the world have an opportunity to see your website and what you offer. How awesome would it be to wake and realize that while you slept you made money. I would say that would be some pretty easy sleeping. Heck, I may even want to start going to bed earlier if I knew I was going to make money while I slept.

Here is an example: Say we have a lady named Sally who has a beautiful website, she makes and sells jewelry on her website. She has an amazing story about her journey into creating the jewelry she sells. Then, you have Jan. She, too, creates jewelry. She sells her jewelry to her friends and people she knows from around her area. But, that is as far as she has ventured into the whole process. Which one do you think sells more jewelry and makes more money?

I thought you might agree. Sally gets her name out there far better than Jan does.


If you sell on Instagram / etsy, you still need a website to direct people to where you sell. If you are a freelancer, you need a website with links to your work for potential clients. Your website is your way of selling yourself. Whether you are selling products or your words, your website is the first interaction people will have with you. It is important to make it count.


If your competition doesn’t have a website, building a beautifully designed website will bring you instant credibility. Many direct sales mompreneurs would benefit from creating their own websites to get a leg up on their competition. If you don’t happen to be in direct sales, you can still beat your competition and benefit greatly by showing your personality.


From the colors to the fonts to the images, having a website will give your customers a glimpse of your personality and the feel of your business. Even if your website is just a landing page, the design of your site should tell your potential client everything they need to know about your business personality.

You get to decide if you want your business to be all business and no play or if you would rather show lots of who you are in your website.

Let’s go back to our story for a minute. So, Sally continues on with her jewelry business and people love the story behind the jewelry. Her business continues to grow and prosper. One day, Jan decides it is time to make a website to sell her jewelry. So she, too, has a website. But, all it is is a website. There is no story to read behind the jewelry or about her. Though, she is doing much better now that she has a website, do you think she will do as well as Sally?

See, people relate better to people when they know a little bit about them and what their story is.


Having a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your site will help inform your customers and reduce your time spent on the same question a client has about your business. By doing this, you are saving yourself and your potential customer so much time.


It is incredible all the things you can do by having your own website. Not only are you able to use your own website to sell your physical or digital products. There is an increasing amount of other services people are beginning to offer online, such as coaching sessions and even live classes.


By having a website, the internet is bringing people to you! Now, who wouldn’t want to just sit back and watch the internet bring you clients. Surely it doesn’t get much easier than that, right?

The way the internet brings you potential clients is through SEO (blog posts) and sharing images (pinterest) that link back to your site. It is important to not only have a website, but to have a great one at that.


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